Kim Davis Says She’s “Horrible At Marriage”

Perhaps one of the most crazy stories to come out of the 365 day long “Simpsons” episode that was 2015, was the story of Kentucky clerk and same-sex marriage adversary Kim Davis. You may recall her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples “under God’s authority”. But if that humble video doesn’t jog your memory than perhaps this video of her rancorous release from jail, onto an adorned stage with Gov. Mike Huckabee, to people chanting and waving white crosses will make you go, “Oh yeah, I remember now. That was strangely off putting.”

Rally in support of Kim Davis’ actions, as she is released from jail.

Now, Davis, who famously refused to issue marriage licenses, against federal law, because it went against “God’s definition of marriage,” has been divorced three times. Kim Davis, who so strongly wants to uphold the “sanctity of marriage” has been married four times. She married her first husband. Then she mothered twins with another man. Then she married a completely separate man. She then left him, married another man, divorced him, and then went right back to man number two.

“I am not perfect. No one is,” she told NBC. “But I am forgiven and I love my Lord and must be obedient to Him and to the Word of God.” And here we were thinking Kim Kardashian’s 72 day long marriage was bad for the marriage brand. We were bad mouthing the wrong Kim this whole time. “How ironic that God would use a person like me, who failed so miserably at marriage in the world, to defend it now,” she said on Tuesday. “The Lord picks the unlikely source to convey the message.”

Should we still be going through marriage the exact same way that we were back when Jesus was saying this message? We’ve really redefined marriage, not just to mean it can involve two men or two women now. We’ve redefined marriage because it’s no longer a property exchange wherein a father can shell off his twelve year old daughter to be married to a twenty eight year old, bear five children, and die of tuberculosis before she even has a chance to consider divorce.

Davis clearly needs to brush up a bit on the word of her Lord that she loves so much. Because in the bible Jesus definitely “condemns divorce, calls it adultery and forbids it. Jesus Christ in Scripture says not one word about same-sex marriage,” notes columnist and LGBT rights advocate Dan Savage. He called her out on her behavior saying it completely goes against herself, making her “anti-gay actions that much harder to swallow.” He says plainly, “She is a hypocrite.”

So if Kim Davis really is forgiven for her “adulterous” and “horrible” multiple marriages, and truly believes she is… Wouldn’t it make sense in her eyes that God would forgive those who she issued marriage licenses for?

Kentucky Republican Governor Matt Bevin  announced this week that he is going to be removing clerks’ names from state marriage licenses to protect officials like Davis who may oppose same-sex marriage but by law are obligated to sign off on them. But this whole thing seems like it should have a simpler solution. The more cushion we give this huge blow to the LGBTA community the harder the hits are going to come. The more we try to protect those doing harm, and trying to accommodate those who go against the law, the more friction it will cause between the two communities. All of this would be so much simpler if these clerks just kept quiet, grumpy, and did their job with a sour face like all government employees do.

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