Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant celebrates after his teammate scored while being fouled

Kobe Bryant Is Still Kobe Bryant

If you thought that Kobe Bryant was content to go into this season as a cautious observer, then you obviously don’t know Kobe Bryant.

After spending 11 days resting due to an injury incurred during a preseason game against the Sacramento Kings on October 13th Kobe Bryant made sure to come back firing on all cylinders. During a practice run Kobe Bryant let his teammates know that he was still king of the purple and gold castle by displaying the same dominating play that has earned him the moniker of the “Black Mamba”.

It was during this scrimmage that an unnamed Lakers player on the opposing practice team decided to talk a bit of smack to the 17 time All Star. That smack resulted in the opposing team getting smacked around by Kobe, who started nailing three pointers, turnaround jump shots and even added a four point play for good measure.

Seeing Kobe on the floor and moving around this well is a good sign, even if it is in practice. Not only does the Laker great provide instant offense and indomitable defense, he also enhances the game of everyone around him. Aside from other well known legends of the game (Jordan, Bird, Magic…) there aren’t many who bring the type of old school competitive fight to the sport of basketball like Kobe Bryant does.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers open their regular season against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Oct. 28th on ESPN.

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