Kris Jenner Questions Caitlyn Jenner

“He was married to me and he wasn’t who he needed to be so he was hopeless,” Kris says of their last years of marriage, utilizing the male pronoun Caitlyn was relegated during childbirth. “It was the most uninvolved forceful thing I think I’ve ever experienced.”

“Why might you need to be married and have children if this is the thing that you needed since you were a young man?” Kris tells the magazine. “Why would you not disclose this all to me?”

“All I was doing was working hard for my family so that we could all have a heavenly future, and he was irritated,” Kris expounds, asserting Caitlyn finished their marriage with zero notice.

Anyway, Caitlyn says distinctive, informing Vanity Fair Kris knew concerning her ex’s inclination to cross-dress, had seen Caitlyn (then living as Bruce) in ladies’ garments when they lived respectively, and that they even had an understanding that Caitlyn would just cross-dress when she was voyaging alone and not in the Jenner family household.

Kris recognizes that she knew her previous life partner had taken hormones in the past yet had accepted the B-cup Caitlyn had when they initially met was a “man boob circumstance.”

“When I met Bruce, he let me know that he had done hormones back in the mid ’80s,” Kris says. “This was a discussion that occurred in the mid ’90s. Thus, what he was letting me know happened 10 years before, and he never truly clarified it.” Caitlyn keeps up in the meeting that Kris knew she was taking hormones up until when they met.

“No one specified a sexual orientation issue,” Kris says, demanding that she had not seen Caitlyn wearing ladies’ attire before but rather had quite recently heard somebody specify that Caitlyn liked every chance to “dress up.”

Caitlyn says of the reason they part: “Twenty percent was gender and 80 percent was the way I was dealt with.”

“A ton of times [Kris] wasn’t exceptionally pleasant,” she clarifies, yet yields that “likely a misstep I made was possibly not having her comprehend — not the seriousness of it but rather that this is a condition you can’t make tracks in an opposite direction from.”

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