Kurtas and Sherwani’s: A Look at South Asian Men’s Fashion

From what I have seen, kurtas are a very accessible fashion item. I usually save them for festive occasions while they definitely can be used for lounging around and as household attire. Kurtas literally are very conspicuous wear, as they are straightforward and simplistic but can be equally gaudy; I guess you choose. The kurta, anyway, is such a beloved fashion item in many South Asian cultures and countries, like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, and more. I wore a very vibrant, bold kurta at my brother’s wedding recently. The kurta can be simple and bold to extravagantly embellished with jewels and other types of embellishments. Either way, you can really enjoy venturing into this very adaptable and efficient piece. A gorgeous artifact of misconstrued and misunderstood culture and religion, it is sure to make strides in the alluring landscape that is fashion


I also admire another mainstay of South Asian men’s fashion, which would be the sherwani. The sherwani is probably my favorite South Asian men’s fashion item, although it is not as readily wearable like at home, as is the kurta. The sherwani can also be simple to inflated and consist of much time put into and and embroidery. Though the sherwani and kurta both share a myriad of similarities, the two definitely also have their own individuality and character. Let us not forget their accessibility and on what occasions they can be worn. The sherwani is a piece more for formal occasions, like weddings, Diwali, which is the Hindus’ Festival of Lights, Eid, which is the auspicious day that Muslims celebrate twice a year, and even Christmas, because there are South Asian Christians all over the world.


I was mystified when I found that these items are starting to hit runways this year in other countries. I especially have so much excitement and respect for this change because I will be more comfortable and less hesitant wearing the kurta to the mall or a grocery store!



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