Despite Her love Of Injections… Kylie Jenner Is An Anti-Vaxxer

While the Kardashian-Jenner clan has spent their fair share of time in and out of various medical procedures, not all of them are too keen to medical facts. So in the future don’t ask for health advice from perhaps say the youngest of them all: Kylie.

Not to say that you should ever take serious medical advice from an eighteen year old, even if they do drive Bentley’s and own homes in Hollywood. Nor am I devaluing Kylie’s own personal opinion. She is allowed to have them just as much as any of us are allowed to point out obvious hypocritical themes here. I mean after all… She does somewhat seem to be knowledgeable on the subject of injections. So let’s ask her opinion by visiting a recent tweet she sent out on the subject:

Alright, so not entirely what you’d expect from a person with what appears to be sound judgement. Kylie may not have extensive medical knowledge but she does have wealth knowledge. And wealth knowledge means that you typically know that if you can afford to not die of meningitis or any other disease that science has eradicated thanks to vaccines… you should probably be pro vaccine. Just in the exact same knowledge of if you can afford a house go a head and build it from the ground up even if you haven’t graduated high school. It’s basically the same thing just weighed on slightly differently balanced socioeconomic scales. 

The only person who you should know that is an anti-vaxxer is that one weird girl who you sat near in history who got married way too young and is still making it work despite the fact that you know every time she types the word “hubby” on facebook it’s forced as all hell. Kylie Jenner is a millionaire who should have absolutely no worries about what anyone puts in their bodies. Especially considering she asked everyone to shut the hell up about what she unnecessarily injected into her own lips. Not even for medical reasons, just to make them look more like labia and less like linguine (source: not me, but Nicki Minaj #DownInTheDM). So if god forbid people in third world countries would rather not die of preventable diseases while trying to do their best to acquire food and shelter, she should shut her thousand dollar lips.

If she is going to complain about billions of dollars being “wasted” on necessary medications that will save millions of lives that will then continue to be able to grow and build sustainable communities thanks to survival… maybe she shouldn’t thousands of dollars a year on refilling her injected lips and use that money to provide the food that none of them will be able to hold down and the shelter that she so badly wants all those sick people to die in. Otherwise she shouldn’t really say anything. That’s all. Kylie you’re a young and lovely looking starlet with tons of opinions and valid thoughts, but you should probably thoroughly research them. Leave the controversy to your bro-in-law because at least he can back it up with talent.

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