Kylie Jenner Slams Blac Chyna: Get A ‘Real Career’ & Stop Mooching Off Tyga

Kylie Jenner Slams Blac Chyna: Get A ‘Real Career’ & Stop Mooching Off Tyga

Kylie Jenner, you’ve grown so bold! The newly-minted 18-year-old is sick of Blac Chyna, 26, constantly attacking her and her relationship with Tyga, 25, and has a little bit advice for her: get a real job, and stop coming to your ex for everything! Damn, Kylie — what a slam!

“Maybe if Blac focused on getting a real career and stop mooching off Tyga for
support, she’d be a happier woman and not so evil.”  “But Kylie gets it though. Nobody wants to be with an aging stripper with more miles on her than a used 1990 Honda Accord!”

Woah! Those are some serious fighting words! Once Blac gets wind of this, all stakes are off. Calling a 26-year-old an “aging stripper” is a little much, but you know how much it’s going to irk Blac. She’s thrown jabs at both Tyga and Kylie multiple times for their age difference, and pointed out how Kylie’s teenage body is so much different from her fully-developed womanly curves.

Though Blac is now famous in her own right, it’s true that she got there because of Tyga. Clearly, Kylie thinks that it’s time for her to start figuring out her next career move now that Tyga’s got himself another lady — and it doesn’t look like things are ending anytime soon! Tyga may have just bought Kylie a Ferrari for her birthday, but it’s not like she asked for it! Maybe Blac should do the same — and while she’s at it, just leave Tyga and Kylie alone?

“Kylie would really love it Blac would mind her own business and take her own
advice and grow up! Her continued assaults on Kylie makes her look old, tired and desperate,” our source said. “”And in Kylie’s eyes, Tyga’s got more than enough money to take care of himself, King, and even Kylie herself if she wanted him to.”

You hear this, Blac? Kylie’s an adult now, and she is so sick of this feud. Maybe it’s time to end things and just stay in your own corners, ladies. Do YOU agree with Kylie’s remarks?

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