'Last Man Standing' star Tim Allen: 'We're going to drill Hillary Clinton'

‘Last Man Standing’ star Tim Allen: ‘We’re going to drill Hillary Clinton’

Season 5 of “Last Man Standing” is going to get political with the presidential race upon us, and neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump is going to be safe from the wisecracking Mike Baxter, played by Tim Allen.

“We’re going to drill Hillary,” the star told FOX411 at the Television Critics Association Q&A session for his ABC series. “It will be horrible personally if Hillary continued [to lead the Democrats], but it will be great for the storyline if she continues.”

But the Democratic party isn’t the only one who will be under fire. Despite being a Republican, Allen isn’t throwing his support behind frontrunner Donald Trump.

“I sat with a group of liberal Jewish guys who said, ‘When Trump starts to make sense, we know the world is upside down,'” Allen says. Then he jokes, “Until I see what’s under that hair, I can’t really support him.”

How far the comedy is going to be allowed to go with its candidate bashing depends on ABC, which has several times expressed its unhappiness at Allen’s character labeling President Obama a communist.

Even as we can look forward to Clinton and Trump coming under ridicule, Allen did reveal the candidate who is getting his support: Republican John Kasich

“I went to see him at an L.A. town meeting, which is usually a very liberal forum,” said Allen, who has made his peace with being a Republican surrounded by Hollywood liberals. “He talked about poor people — the underprivileged and the working poor. It was very un-Republican. He’s a Republican that a Democrat could vote for.”

Politics wasn’t the only hot topic on the table. Because Mike Baxter is the owner of a series of sporting goods stores, some of which sell guns to people who hunt and target shoot on “Last Man Standing,” the show’s approach to guns and hunting was raised.

“We haven’t dealt with this thing on the show because it gets us into a debate that there’s no winnable side. [Mike] has to have a position,” Allen says.

The “Toy Story” star went on to relate his personal experience with firearms, saying he and his seven brothers grew up in Colorado, where they learned to clean and respect firearms at the YMCA.

“None of us hunt or use weapons, but all of us know how to treat them and not to point them at people, and if you do, you’d have to want to use it,” he says. “None of my brothers has ever shot a gun, but we know how to clean them.”

“Last Man Standing” returns for its fifth season Friday, September 25 on ABC.

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