Lawyer for Patrick Kane's Accuser Quits; Sources Say Witness Reluctant to Testify
The lawyer for a woman accusing NHL star Patrick Kane of sexual assault has abruptly quit the case. Attorney Thomas Eoannou says he has questions about a bag that allegedly held the woman's rape kit. (AP)

Lawyer for Patrick Kane’s Accuser Quits; Sources Say Witness Reluctant to Testify

The sexual assault case against Patrick Kane appeared to be weakening Thursday night as the attorney for the woman who accused the Blackhawks star of sexual assault abruptly quit the case, and sources say a key witness appears to be reluctant to testify.

This comes one day after the woman’s lawyer called a news conference to allege an evidence bag that once contained the rape kit from the case had been anonymously left at the home of the accuser’s mother. Attorney Thomas Eoannou, however, announced late Thursday that he no longer believed the account provided by the mother and therefore was ethically obligated to withdraw from the case.

The developments over the past two days suggested that the case against Kane had significant weaknesses, including DNA evidence that Kane’s attorney said favors the player’s claims of innocence.

Kane attorney Paul Cambria announced Wednesday that a DNA analysis in the case found that samples taken below the accuser’s waist contain “a mixture” of male profiles. None of the DNA, he said, belonged to Kane.

He suggested that someone fabricated the evidence bag story in an effort to downplay the significance of the forensic results.

“They tried to undermine the science in the case,” Cambria said late Thursday. “That speaks volumes about the credibility of the (rape) allegation.”

Eoannou — a prominent Buffalo attorney — alleged Wednesday that a ripped, empty evidence bag that once contained the woman’s rape kit had been left anonymously on her mother’s doorstep a day earlier. He said the accuser’s mother told him she found it wedged inside a screen door when she arrived home around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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