Bey Isn’t The Sole Lemonade Queen, This 9 Year Old Lemonade King Will Melt Your Heart

At the moment the only lemonade we’re talking about is the kind being served by Beyonce exclusively to TIDAL. But there is another brand of lemonade being served exclusively on a neighborhood street of Springfield, Missouri. And this lemonade for a much different purchase than making sure Jay Z’s latest lucrative venture does better than his earlier lucrative drugs venture, it’s going toward buying nine-year-old Tristan Jacobson an adoption.

Like the Queen B, the King T aims high selling America on this classic, refreshing beverage. Beyonce’s lemonade is refreshing as it paints a glorious picture for black excellence especially black female excellence. And Tristan’s lemonade is refreshing as it will go toward him gaining a loving family, rather than the idea of a lemonade stand just being away for a strung out mother to get her obnoxious kids out of the house for a few hours.

Nine year old Tristan has been hustling cookies and lemonade in hopes to earn enough money for the legal fees of about $10,000 it will take his guardian Donnie Davis who plans to adopt him officially. Hoping initially to just make a couple hundred dollars

Many of Tristan’s customers have been fellow adoptees who want to meet him and wish him luck. Over six hundred people flocked to his stand over the weekend. Said Donnie Davis of the large crowds, “There was one point in time, we put water in the cooler and sold out before it was even cold.” The family raised nearly 20,000 dollars from customers and online donors, with additional money going toward his college fund.


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