Classmates Drug LGBTA Student In China “To Help Her Be Normal”

Warning: The story you are about to read about a lesbian Chinese schoolgirl who was given aphrodisiac drugs contains absolutely zero pornographic material. If your search engine brought you here, my apologies, and go to church. There is no porn to this story… however there are a bunch of dicks.

The dicks in question are a group of boys in Huangshan who drugged a lesbian classmate to “help her be normal.” Yes, because boys who think that drugging people in the classroom is a good idea really have a grip on what “normal behavior” is.

The victim posted about the incident online:  “When I drank the water, I never thought my classmates would drug me. They wanted to see me embarrassed but I was lucky the drug didn’t work.”

The traumatic incident was confirmed on Tuesday to have taken place last Thursday in China. And in that time the incident has gone on to become a trending topic on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. It has as well gained the attention of prominent Chinese feminist Wei Tingting.

“What they did is so terrible… Schools should strengthen education guiding students to respect women,” said Wei.

What those boys did really was terrible. Not only because it was offensive, ignorant, and possibly dangerous. It was terrible because it was really a bad idea. I don’t know what they expected to happen to this girl. Like she said, she was lucky that the drug “didn’t work” but women are (historically and anatomically speaking) pretty good about hiding arousal. Men, not so much (simply anatomically speaking). They knew they wouldn’t be able to see any physical changes in her, right? If not I’m concerned. Because that means that they thought that lesbians don’t have vaginas.

Plus if what they gave her while she was in school was an aphrodisiac I cannot think of a less arousing place to take an aphrodisiac. Her surroundings alone pretty much just balanced her out. And if the stereotypes are true I know there’s no way a girl at school in China is going to come home with a bad grade and have her parents find out that she got a C- on her quiz because she was mildly horny. She’s already a girl, she’s on thin ice in China already as it is.

Not to mention, did those boys think that lesbianism just means that you’re never turned on? Did they think that as soon as she felt like getting some she’d instantly start looking for the nearest dude to do? Come on, these boys are smarter than that. I mean they’re Chinese. They beat America at everything when it comes to academics, why weren’t they smarter about this?

I know why actually. This would never happen in America, not because we’re more tolerant and understanding of LGBTA life. And not because we’re smarter either. It would never happen in America because American boys definitely watch WAY more porn than Chinese scholars. That poor girl was drugged with an aphrodisiac in a building full of Chinese school girls! That is a girl-on-girl porno scenario if I’ve ever heard one. And any American boy would know that.  

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