What is it Like to be Muslim today?

I usually do not concern myself to much with religion these days, but I was raised a devout Muslim. Today, Muslims are scapegoats for everything. The Muslims are attributed to barbarism,  being uncivilized; sometimes, when I use the term, liberal Muslim, or mainly use the term spiritual to describe myslef, people think I have left the religion and say “Thank God you escaped, that religion is tough.” After a lot of soul-searching, I realized I still want to be a believer in this beautiful faith that is scrutinized and misconstrued when it is a religion like any other.

I think of one question on a daily basis, do people genuinely think of every Muslim that exists as a terrible person? The Muslims are not terrible people, and Islam does not teach violence or barbarism. It is a peaceful religion, believe me. Why are you generalizing us and making even some of us so hateful of our own faith. Can you let us live peacefully, as the religion of Islam literally is peace? Today I saw an article by Nadia El-Hillal where she talked about her Muslim identity and would like to shed some light on her powerful and touching words. I hope somebody’s words can make a difference and help Muslims live life in normalcy and happiness.

Put briefly and taken from Muslimgirl.net, the writer focuses on a few labels along with Muslim that she has. She insists she is a wife, where she insists she has worked tirelessly to prove she can care for her husband. She insists she is a doctor, where she has worked selflessly and studied and now helps people and is nice to them. She says she is a mother where she has given love and sacrifice and taught her child to be kind, gentle, and respectful. She states she is a Muslim and that she wears her Muslim identity.

She insists she is always on guard and has never expressed this to anyone. She emulates the idea that Muslims need not apologize for someone who is not even an ideal Muslim’s actions of killing and someone else’s striking fear onto others. Her words touched many, as I see in the comments, and as I also hope, can make a difference along with mine and others one day.


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