LIST: 6 Stars Who Crushed It On The Web This 420 #Happy420

The date of April twentieth has always been synonymous with the liberated cultural decree of toting weed in celebration. This year in the light of marijuana being on the cusp of legalization (with it being a huge topic among the presidential debates) stars took to social media to stake their claim on the issue. Among those were a few of the best stars (we believe) to make their opinions public… for the following reasons:

Here is the logic behind this listicle: 4+2+0=6. So we now bring you six star who celebrated 4/20 on the web, and why it is a genuinely positive output on their part.

Let’s start with a well seasoned weed enthusiast, Seth Rogen:


Seth Rogen has a new film coming out this year. Not just any film, but a sequel to an extremely well recepted film that is being followed up with an even more star studded cast, a more hyped up ad campaign, and a seemingly thicker plot. And while this wildly successful comedy mogul still has an apt for good bud, he still has an apt for good film making and franchising. So good on Seth for toting his weed enthusiasm this 420, proving that not all pot smokers are lazy. Some of them are continuing to make incredible projects.


Next we have the incomparable Ilana Glazer. Along with Broad City co-star Paul Downs she is premiering her new three part mini series “Time Traveling Bong”. A thrilling stoner adventure if ever there was one. Broad City has already smashed through a barrier, creating a female driven series that not only has marijuana featured semi regularly, but has it featured so smart and creatively that it almost seems incredibly responsible. I mean, episode one of Broad City had some major weed carrying tips for any lady wandering through an urban location with that dank stuff between her legs. So we give Ilana and Paul major weed props this 420.


Next we have Action Bronson. We have included him because his 420 post this year looks as if he will be endeavoring anything but action. So his name has become wildly ironic today. And for this, we applaud his 420 contribution.


Following him we’ve got our eye on Fetty Wap. Fetty Wap has one eye on his weed and his other eye god knows where. Because it is gone. And for that we salute Fetty Wap’s 420 salute. He really keeps his (only eye) on the prize.


Now Miley Cyrus is a tricky one. But we have to hand it to her. While some may say she is hypocritically obnoxious about her pot habits considering her disney days where she claimed to have sworn off drugs of all kinds for the rest of her life, but then shortly after recorded a song about her love for weed… The rest of the world disagrees. And as far as we are concerned, we shouldn’t be angry at her for having two sides to her drug story. To have any less than two sides goes completely against Hannah Montana theology—Miley Cyrus just has the best of both worlds! She loves her drugs, but loved being America’s little country sweetheart while it lasted. And for that we’d light a fat one for her. But it looks like she’s lit enough for the both of us already.


And last but not least we have the grand master Snoop D-O Double-G. The original OG. The bombastic dopetastic. Does anything else need to be said? Everyone was looking forward to seeing Snoop’s contribution to the holiday and he delivered in full, just by posting a picture he’d post any other day… because Snoop’s policy is to always, no matter what the occasion or holiday… Smoke weed every day! And for that we applaud, and light up for, his continued consistency.

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