Listen To Drake & Beyonce’s New Song “Can I”

Listen To Drake & Beyonce’s New Song “Can I”

Yesterday we got a snippet of Drake’s latest Beyonce-featuring single “Can I” and tonight we got the whole thing…kind of.

A Soundcloud user has mysteriously uploaded a nearly four-minute long version of “Can I” to his page but given what sounds like an empty verse slot and a couple other rough patches it also seems likely that this is still an unfinished version. The leak is another to hit Drake in recent months and doesn’t bode well for his still-in-the-works next album staying locked up in OVO land before its release.

The song, or at least the version we’re hearing now, features sparse production in the form of a crisp snare and woozy synth loop while Drake is at his most sentimental. Beyonce’s contribution is less performance and more sample as she’s heard saying, “Can I…baby?” over much of the track.

Last month Drake told Four Pins that he had only two tracks confirmed for his Views From The 6 album and one of them features Beyonce. With that in mind, it seems like a safe bet that we might hear this (or something like it) on his next project.

Check out the song right here.

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