A Little About Saint Laurent Paris Surf Sound Collection 2016

Saint Laurent Paris is a clothing brand I have mentioned before. I absolutely adore them for their luxurious styles; they always amuse me with everything they can offer. Their leisurely and extravagant style is resonant in their collections, which are always very exciting. A well-grounded, powerful move with a colorfully flamboyant collection reminiscent of rock and roll and summer will absolutely rivet you too! The collection pays tribute to rock and roll, mixing in it some other influences. Animals such as even dinosaurs are featured on the new merchandise as well as animal prints, such as leopard print.


Sequins are also very prevalent and visible in the collection. The rock and roll edge makes a very intriguing combination with the gaudy clothing that this bold collection has to offer. After releasing summer accessories like surfboards, Saint Laurent Paris has decided to follow it up with this collection, namely the “Surf Sound” collection. The collection, incidentally, also offers other summer-themed and summer-related wear, like boardshorts.


When I first read about the collection, I enthusiastically ventured into looking at the lookbook and, indeed, I was very impressed as to what I saw in the collection. A radiant and refreshing take on grungy and monochrome, this collection definitely has its success in my eyes. My favorite piece from this collection would be a few. There is a sleeveless denim jacket that combines all of these aspects and has zebra stripes with hints of hot pink and there is a cardigan bursting with vibrant color.


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