London Fashion Week and Nick Jonas’ Love for Topman

If you are a voracious fashion lover and aficionado like me, you are enthusiastic about fashion week. It is definitely on my bucket list to attend and witness this beautiful event firsthand. Anyway, there is Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York; you name it! This time we are talking about London Fashion Week; you may have heard of London as being referred to as the fashion capital of the world. London Fashion Week’s principal sponsor this time is Sunglass Hut. Party culture and the overall vibe of revelry was a prevalent theme this time and was apparent as well.


There was Craig Green and new designer 1205. 1205 is Paula Gerbase, who studied at Central Saint Martins and has five years of experience under Savile Row as Head Designer, according to the London Fashion week website. She bring to fashion facets of inflexible sophistication or as Matthew Schneier of The New York Times words it, “taut elegance.”


Other designers like, Patrick Grant and Alex Mullins, were reminiscent of nostalgia in fashion, like roller-disco. There were also young designers showcased such as Charles Jeffrey, a graduate of Central Saint Martins.


Shifting gears slightly, let’s talk about Nick Jonas, but of course we are still going to talk fashion. We found that he is a Topman-lover, when he shared photos to Instagram from the Topman Design show. Matthew Schneier of The New York Times had some details from an interview that Jonas stopped to do. He said he loved the “great casual looks” and that one look stood out. This look was the “black turtleneck with the dark jacket.” A telling, alluring look is what the pop star is in favor of in general. Lastly, according to the interview, this was Nick’s first fashion week in London.

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