Loser.com Redirects to Wikipedia Page for Donald Trump

Loser.com Redirects to Wikipedia Page for Donald Trump

The owner of the Loser.com web domain has forwarded the site to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page, adding insult to injury for the GOP candidate who is well-known for disdaining his rivals and others as “losers,” but just ran second to Republican Ted Cruz in the all-important Iowa caucuses.

The owner of Loser.com since 1995, a South Carolina man named Brian Connelly, has previously redirected the domain in similar fashion to public figures and institutions ranging from Kanye West and Barack Obama to Reddit and Wikileaks. Connelly maintained in 2015, however, that his actions were sometimes intended to be supportive or playful rather than mocking:

In 2000, he directed www.loser.com to the website of Bill Daley after he lost the governor’s race in Tennessee (“I think he was anti-gay”) and, in 2002, to a site opposing South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges (“No comment”). Connelly stepped things up in 2008, when the site redirected to Obama’s 2008 presidential election website. “That wasn’t against Obama’s election!” he says. “That was just getting people to register.”

Since the site generates pretty sizable traffic, Connelly sometimes redirects it to places he supports to give them more eyeballs, like the Obama site, or the WikiLeaks site in 2010.

“That was a positive,” he says. “I redirect to things that are positive sometimes, too, and what was leaked in that case could be considered pretty bad. Bringing light to situations and educating people is pretty positive, I think.”

He’s also had his site redirect to Google.com because he thought it was funny to have it just be a mirror of Google, and in 2012, the Reddit homepage, which ended up landing his site on the Reddit homepage. “I like Reddit!” he says. “It was just a joke.”

Whether the current status of Loser.com was intended as a pointed dig at Donald Trump or just another publicity stunt remains uncertain.

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