Why “Male Feminism” Won’t Protect James Deen From Rape Allegations

Adult film star James Deen, once heralded as the “Ryan Gosling of Porn” is facing multiple sexual assault allegations from fellow adult film actresses. The accusations began when Deen proclaimed himself a feminist. Twitter blew up, his fans praised him more than ever before for standing with feminism, perhaps hoping he would set an example for other men. However the praise was shot down when adult film star Stoya tweeted:

“That thing where you log in to the internet for a second and see people idolizing the guy who raped you as a feminist. That thing sucks.” Her following tweets detailed, “James Deen held me down and f—ed me while I said no, stop, used my safeword, I can’t just nod and smile when people bring him up anymore.”


The Frisky, a website that featured a sex advice column that Deen write, announced they would be dropping him in light of the accusations. Tori Lux and Ashley Fires came forward after Stoya’s lead. Lux even detailed the specifics of James Deen’s assault on her with an essay in The Daily Beast. In the essay she says Deen grabbed her throat, shoved her on a mattress, and hit her repeatedly back in 2011 during a shoot they worked on together.

Rough and rugged sex was sort of what made James Deen infamous. But even after this incident was revealed, even people into rough sex, agreed this was too much. The pornography industries leading bondage production company even dropped Deen in reaction to this news.

Fires told The Daily Beast about her refusal to work with Deen ever since an incident in a communal bathroom at Kink. Wherein Deen approached her naked and penetrated her, before the two had even met. Yet still, after all the allegations and specific accounts have been detailed, James Deen insists that the allegations are both “false and defamatory” because he is a feminist, after all.

Having men admit to being feminists is very important. Because feminism just means a level playing field for both men and women to be empowered, sensitive, protective, and any other trait that perhaps your gender role says you can’t have. It’s a way to let the world know that you believe in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes—And not just because you like that Beyonce song. And especially not just so you can get away with acting like a chauvinist creep.

Because in some men’s mind, becoming a self-proclaimed “Male Feminist,” is the easiest way to get out of jail free. And that’s because too often feminism is wrongly talked about. For example, one false argument a “Male Feminist” often makes is, “So if women want equal rights that men have, does that mean it’s okay to hit a woman? I can hit a guy, and women want to be treated like men. So I can hit a woman.”



Deen has told the Observer back in 2012 that he is into “rough sex”. But he only does so if his partner gives consent. Which is great. That’s how it should be. He made a great point when he said, “It got to the point where a lot of girls who aren’t into that type of sex were afraid to work with me because they thought I was going to slap them in the face or something… But I only do that if the girl is into it. There’s no reason to choke somebody if they don’t like getting choked. Then you’re basically being an a—hole.”


But Deen, the “Male Feminist”, fails to realize that just like a slap to the face, sex can hurt just as bad if the other person didn’t want it. He may be surrounded by women who are open sexual beings, but that is not consent. If he can recognize that not all adult film stars aren’t into being rough, then he should be keenly aware that not all adult stars probably are into rape. And there is no reason to have sex with somebody if they don’t want to have sex. Because then, James Deen, you’re basically being an a—hole.

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