Man Eats Chipotle 106 Days and Counting!

Man Eats Chipotle 106 Days and Counting!

Finding a person who loves Chipotle isn’t hard.

Finding someone who will eat at the Mexican food chain for 100 days (straight!) is a bit more difficult.

But this person does exist: It’s Mark Rantal, a Colorado Springs, CO-based graphic designer. For the past 106 days (and counting!) Rantal has eaten a meal at Chipotle for lunch.

This never-ending Chipotle-fest didn’t start as such. It all began on a Monday, when Rantal decided to visit the restaurant for lunch. He went back on Tuesday, and then again with a friend on Wednesday, and before he knew it, it was a week. Then a month.

“Every time I hit a milestone it was very easy and convenient to imagine hitting the next,” he told ABC News. “Plus, it’s a little ridiculous.”

Even though he eats Chipotle everyday, Rantal hasn’t changed up his order: A burrito bowl with white rice, pinto beans, fajitas, sofritas, mild salsa, corn, medium salsa, cheese and lettuce, a bag of chips, and a cup of water.

To celebrate the monumental occasion, Rantal topped off his burrito bowl with candles, and posed in front of his go-to storefront.

Just like someone else who ate at a fast food chain everyday (read: Morgan Spurlock at McDonald’s in Super Size Me), Rantal’s gained quite a bit of recognition from his eating exploits, even hosting his own Reddit AMA on the 100th day. However, unlike Spurlock, Rantal says that eating Chipotle has made him feel great — he’s gained 14 pounds, but they’re a wanted 14 pounds that he’d lost when he became a vegetarian.

Here’s to the next 106!

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