Man Shoots Self After Exchanging Fire With Officers, Police Say

Man Shoots Self After Exchanging Fire With Officers, Police Say

ST. LOUIS, Mo – A reported suicidal subject shot himself near police officers  Wednesday, County Police Department officials said.

Information is limited at this time, but the shooting happened near the intersection of Ellington Drive and Bermuda Drive, near Normandy Hills Country Club after 2:00 Wednesday.

Normandy police said they were called to the address for an 18-year-old suicidal subject and tried to talk to him. Authorities said family members of the suicidal person called 911.

Officers on the scene got out of their patrol cars and again tried to talk to the person, but the teen then pulled out a gun and fired at officers, police said. Authorities said a Normandy police officer tried to use a taser, it was ineffective. Police then returned fire but officers do not believe the teen was hit.

The man then ran to the 7700 block Paddington. Officers then briefly lost sight of him, police said, before they heard one gunshot. Officers then turned the corner and found the teen lying unresponsive on the ground.

The man was rushed to a local hospital, and is in critical condition.


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