Mark Hamill Confirms Luke Skywalker Could Be Gay

For all the shippers of stormpilot (the same-sex-ship of pilot Poe Dameron and ex-Stormtrooper Fin from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) get stoked, because there’s been a lot more talk about the subject than just Oscar Isaac’s just fangirling about it himself in interviews. J.J. Abrams, the Episode VII director, confirmed that it would be “insanely narrow minded to say that there wouldn’t be a homosexual character” in the Star Wars universe.

And it gets even gayer. Mark Hamill has now taken a firmer stance on his opinion that Luke Skywalker’s sexuality is undetermined and can be left to the audience to decide. He told The Sun that he has always received letters from dedicated fans saying: “‘I’m bullied in school… I’m afraid to come out… Could Luke be gay?’ …If you think Luke is gay, of course he is. You should not be ashamed of it. Judge Luke by his character, not by who he loves.”

It could get difficult for Luke to come out of the closet considering he’s spent some twenty-something odd years on a deserted island. I guess he could come out of the robes? But it actually would make sense thematically for Luke to be revealed as gay when he reemerges in the series Episode VIII December 17 2017. Think about it. A dude like Luke would go through some pretty great preventative measure to make sure he never kisses another on of his sisters again.

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