Matrix: IT Web Design Proposal

As an executive proposal, manufacturers and retailers must reduce inventory waste and find more paying customers. First, investors and executives have to figure out what type of IT investment has to be made. Ideally, information technology is controlled by the motive for its purpose. What is the reason for the site? Will the information be accessible, in order to promote a service or to sell a product.


‘On the manufacturing side, consider the example of a tile manufacturer, one of our clients. Long accustomed to selling via dealers, this company wanted to create direct relationships with consumers. As part of this initiative, the company began to track the specific SKUs customers were inquiring about on its Website or mobile app.

By tracking and analyzing this data, the manufacturer could identify the most popular SKUs and funnel this information back into its inventory planning systems to ensure the most in-demand products will always be in stock.’ — Future of Work (Ma, 2013)


Matrix: Build the Website for a Reason


Two common reasons: to share an idea or make money. In brief, there are six main steps involved in the web designing and development method–gathering initial information; the creation of your website; and maintaining the website by keeping the information up to date and current with the demand. However, specific demands vary from designer to designer, but the practical method is the same:

  1. Collect the information
  2. Plan the web design task
  3. Design the idea
  4. Develop the idea
  5. Test and execute
  6. Maintain the web design product


Implementation Concerns. Factors, such as the Content Management System (CMS) (i.e. WordPress), interactive contact forms, and e-commerce are chosen and put into action. Chief, your design has to be accessible to you while this is being completed, in order to suggest any possible changes or corrections that are mandatory for the given website. Frankly, the customer has to communicate with IT representative through a management that allows your ideas, too.


Content. Regardless, as mentioned, the designer enables the customer-client to observe the project throughout the stages of design and development. More importantly, this particular option offers the client (you) the opportunity to express the likes and dislike in reference to web design technology and business. Furthermore, transmission between you both is mandatory for this kind of project to work efficiently. Ensure to work as close as possible with the designer to exchange idea, until the final design of the website has been accommodated.


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