Matthew McConaughey Changes Look for New Role

Matthew McConaughey, who is one a heartthrob and an Oscar-winner, despite his age, is now going to play a role that is more reflective of someone of an older age. That is right, sure the actor has played a ladies’ man in the movie, “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” which also starred Jennifer Garner in the lead female role. He also was in “Magic Mike,” and I am sure we all know what that means, he played more suggestive and playful roles in the past. The Oscar-winner has ditched his locks and his new look makes him merely unrecognizable. Who is usually seen as an invitingly handsome actor of Hollywood is now ditching all of his glamorous assets, like his luscious locks and toned physique, for a role he may have not been seen in as much.


In 2016’s upcoming movie, “Gold,” McConaughey, according to Ree Hines at, will undergo even more of a complete physical transformation to come, like he did for the movie “Dallas Buyers Club.” Reportedly, instead of losing weight for this role, McConaughey got into character very physically and keenly by adding on some pounds.


His locks are now replaced by loss of hair, meaning he has what resembles more of an older person’s traits now, like a bald spot. What is interesting is how this enticingly attractive and risqué actor transformed already into what looks to me like a more cognizant, serious role for the movie. He is so devoted to getting into character, that is certainly reflected in his changed look!


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