Maximum-Security Inmates at Utah State Prison begin Hunger Strike

Dozens of inmates at the Utah State Prison are on a hunger strike.

According to Utah Department of Corrections spokeswoman Brooke Adams, 42 inmates in the maximum-security Uinta facility refused to eat breakfast Friday morning and told staffers they are on a hunger strike.

“The inmates have given the Department a list of demands that includes release of gang leaders now housed in a different maximum-security unit,” said Adams. She declined to elaborate on other demands made by the inmates.

All 42 inmates are documented gang members, Adams said.

According to Adams, the inmates will have the opportunity to be evaluated by doctors during the strike. Jail staffers will also monitor how much nutrition each inmate may be receiving based on the food in their cells.

“The Department will continue to offer the inmates meals as regularly scheduled,” said Adams in a statement. “It also will work to ensure routine operation of the facility is not interrupted.”

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