Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory's Amy, on struggle of being religious and being in Hollywood

Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory’s Amy, on struggle of being religious and being in Hollywood

You may know Mayim Bialik as Amy from the comedy TV show, The Big Bang Theory. She has made her stance clear on the issue of religion in Hollywood. Being a religious person, she feels it is “close to impossible” to be religious in Hollywood. She uses the words “never” and “trendy” to describe her feelings toward this topic. Bialik certainly believes it will not ever be trendy to be religious in Hollywood.


The actress, a devout member of the Jewish faith, reportedly studies Jewish texts every week and attends the synagogue. She also strictly observes Sabbath and observes Sabbath dinners. She also admits to the fact that her most way of dressing is due to the modesty she intends to maintain as a devoted member of the Jewish faith. She believes she needs not to put herself on display.


She also congregates with her fellow members of the Jewish faith. She believes that the faith stays with the religious person always. She also has felt a level of positivity that is provided to her from her habitual, regular practice of her faith as a Jewish person.


She said her being Jewish was attacked by fans. She received negative attention after her visit to Israel to visit her friend in the Israel Defense Forces and reportedly received threats and hostility for making the visit. She said that she got “the same amount of threats, of hatred, and of anti-Semitism” for “making a statement, trying to support people.”


The married mother of two still admits she is outspoken yet open about her faith. She believes that although being Jewish is an important part of her, that is not only what she attributes to.

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