Meek Mill Banned from Toronto by City Councillor Norm Kelly

Meek Mill Banned from Toronto by City Councillor Norm Kelly

Last night, in case you haven’t heard, Meek Mill tried to get Drizzy Drake all the way out of a paint with a series of accusatory tweets claiming Drake doesn’t write his own raps. In fact, Meek pointed specifically to a verse on his own recent album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, as an example of when Drake had his rhymes written by someone else.

Well, that doesn’t sit well with Norm Kelly, a Toronto City Councillor, who already has an interesting history with Drake. Despite their past issues, Kelly sent out a tweet early this morning, in which he let Meek Mill know that he’s no longer welcome in his home city.

As for Kelly’s aforementioned history with Drake? Earlier this year, during the NBA Playoffs, Kelly took issue with Drake’s friendliness with Paul Pierce, who was part of the Washington Wizards team that swept the Toronto Raptors out of the playoffs in April.

Unconditional love, amirite?

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