Meek Mill’s Sister Comes For Drake In Gritty Freestyle

Meek Mill’s Sister Comes For Drake In Gritty Freestyle

As the rap beef turns….Meek Mill’s sister Nasheema Williams dropped a freestyle coming for Drake’s neck shortly after her brother dropped his diss record “Wanna Know.”

The Internet was on FIRE last night after Meek Mill finally dropped his response diss record at Drake titled “Wanna Know.” While most of social media collectively laughed at Meek’s response, his sister Nasheema Williams was busy spitting her own bars aimed at the 6 God.

And she went in.

A few notable lines:

“You really an actress, you’re really not a thug/Remember on Degrassi b*tches never showed you love/You was always in your feelings, lil n*gga, you need a hug/Talking ‘bout you started from the bottom, now you here/I heard you started from the tip of the dick, you is a queer”

“You little singer a** n*gga/You little I been sleeping with your brother Jerry Springer a** n*gga/I gotta love song for my ringer a** nigga/Penetrate my a** with your middle finger a** nigga”

Yikes! Listen to the full freestyle above.

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