Melissa McCarthy Returns as Sean 'Spicy' Spicer Defending Trump in 'Saturday Night Live' White House Press Briefing

Melissa McCarthy Returns as Sean ‘Spicy’ Spicer Defending Trump in ‘Saturday Night Live’ White House Press Briefing

Melissa McCarthy took Sean Spicer’s advice to cut back on her rampant gum chewing on “Saturday Night Live.”

The actress returned to the sketch comedy stage to portray a new and more subdued “Spicy” after last week’s acclaimed episode as the stressed out White House spokesman.

“I have been told that I am going to cut back on the gum chewing, so I’ve cut back to one slice a day,” McCarthy said as Spicer, then chomped down on a gigantic stick of gum instead of chugging an entire box.

The real press secretary corrected McCarthy on his gum chewing techniques after her first episode aired and said she “needs to slow down.”

The real Sean Spicer suggested Melissa McCarthy chew less gum in her portrayal. (CAROLYN KASTER/AP)

McCarthy, who last week caged a CNN reporter for spouting “fake news” and doused journalists with a water gun as Spicer, broke a promise to “remain calm” and violated a female journalist with a leaf blower.

He also plowed down a pack of reporters with a surprisingly motorized podium for asking a spate of “stupid” questions, including one on the 9th District Court of Appeals upholding a stay on Donald Trump’s executive order prohibiting travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The cold open segment allowed McCarthy to revisit the latest in White House shenanigans.

Melissa McCarthy plays Sean Spicer in “Saturday Night Live,” airing Feb. 12, 2017. (NBC)

As Spicer, she shilled Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, defended the fabricated Bowling Green Massacre and struggled through Trump’s definition of “extreme vetting.”

McCarthy resorted to playing out a tense U.S. Customs and Border Protection encounter with Barbie dolls.

McCarthy’s Spicer said a “nice American girl” with blond hair would be OK to enter the U.S., but “Moana,” holding up a doll of the Disney character, would undergo increased scrutiny at international airports.

Alec Baldwin plays President Donald Trump in “The People’s Court” and Beck Bennett is Vladimir Putin giving him a character reference in a skit as he hosts “Saturday Ni ght Live,” airing Feb. 12, 2017. (NBC)

“We are going to pat her down and then we are going to read her email and if we don’t like the answers, which we won’t, boom. Guantanamo Bay.”

Alec Baldwin, who often impersonates the President in the show’s cold open, hosted the episode and dedicated one skit to impersonating Trump in “The People’s Court.”

Trump’s Twitter pledge to see an unspecified foe in court over the failed travel ban fueled the judicial drama spoof with the President attempting to sue three federal judges for rejecting the government’s bid to reverse the ruling.

Even the judge presiding over Trump’s case nixed it.

“I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me,” said Cecily Strong, as the show’s host, Marilyn Milian. “I just want to relax and watch the Grammy’s and no one has ever said that.”

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