Memphis, Tennessee: 88-Year-Old Woman Stabbed And Robbed Outside Of Her Home

Memphis, Tennessee: 88-Year-Old Woman Stabbed And Robbed Outside Of Her Home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This is a sad and shocking story. Police say an 88 year old woman was stabbed after she let her dog out around 12:45 p.m. Tuesday.

It happened near the intersection of Debby Drive and Point Church Avenue in Frayser.

The woman’s silver 2010 Ford Focus was stolen.

Investigators said the woman, identified by neighbors as Blanche Smith, let her small dog out like she normally does and a man ran into her house and stabbed her. She was able to run around the corner to a neighbor’s house.

“We pulled up in the driveway and noticed our elderly neighbor walking down the street in the rain. I said to my daughter, would you go see if Ms. Smith needs help, something is going on. By the time she got over there, several neighbors were out and she was covered in blood,” neighbor Danna Humphries said.”They helped her over to my house and I called 911 and apparently someone had slashed her throat,stabbed her multiple times,stabbed her in the abdomen. She was bleeding really bad.”

The neighbor said Smith kept saying she did not want to get blood on the neighbors chair  and they were trying to kill her. Other neighbors said Smith has lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years and she was very friendly.

“She said, ‘I tried so hard to fight, but what kind of power does an 89-year-old woman have over a young punk,” Humphries said.

Smith is now at Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

Police do not have a good description of the suspect.They said he was armed with a knife. That person did take the victim’s silver 2010 Ford Focus with TN tag 362-XHV.


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