Mets Bats Flourish In Game 3 Over Royals

Now it’s a series.

Game three of the 2015 World Series had all the makings of a contest that would come right down to the last inning. The Royals took an early lead but only by one run. If they pulled it out it was all but over for the New York Mets. The chances of coming back from a three game deficit, although not impossible, are slim to none. All the Royals had to do was keep it close and keep the pressure on the Mets to match them run for run.

What ended up happening was a blowout.

Much like the second game of the series which saw the Mets lose terribly, the Royals surrendered the first playoff win at Citi Field by giving up 12 hits and nine runs against earning only three runs. That puts the series at 2-1 with the Royals still in the lead. The series will stay in New York for the next two games which give the Mets home field advantage and could see them take control of the series. With the Mets bats working and the pitching keeping the Royals at bay it’s plausible to see this series going the distance.

Game four of the 2015 World Series plays on Halloween at 8:07pm on Fox at Citi Field.


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