Mexican Deported by Trump Ended Up Committing Suicide
(AP Photo/Guillermo Arias)

Mexican Deported by Trump Ended Up Committing Suicide

Guadalupe Olivas Valencia jumped off a bridge after being deported for the third time.

According to BBC News, Valencia was found next to a plastic bag with his belongings and died moments after in the hospital.

The Trump administration has enforced policies to deporting a larger span of illegal immigrants in the US in order to speed up the process. Although immigration laws themselves are not changed, abiding by the law is taken more fiercely.

“The message from this White House and the Department of Homeland Security is that those people who are in this country, who pose a threat to our safety, or who have committed a crime, will be the first to go,” stated by Sean Spicer.

Currently, there are roughly 11 million illegal immigrants residing in the US.

Witnesses said Valencia was shouting that he did not want to return to Mexico and seemed to be in severe distress.

He jumped off a bridge just yards from El Chaparral, the main border crossing point between the US city of San Diego and Tijuana in Mexico.

Valencia was from one of Mexico’s heavily violent states and the stronghold of a major drug cartel. Many native to this state, Sinaloa, flee from the violence to find peace in the US.

Map of Sinaloa, Mexico

One memo, from Homeland Security chief John Kelly, includes instructions to enforce an existing provision of the US Immigration and Nationality Act that allows authorities to send some people caught illegally at the border back to Mexico, regardless of where they are from, reported by BBC.

Trump’s campaign ran on the promise to put a stop to illegal immigration.

However, according to data found by Xia Wang from Arizona State University, illegal immigrants are less likely to commit a crime.

“Analyses of data collected from four Southwest states and the U.S. Census show that the perceived size of the undocumented immigrant population, more so than the actual size of the immigrant population and economic conditions, is positively associated with perceptions of undocumented immigrants as a criminal threat.”

Trump’s remarks on his reasons for stopping immigrants, despite data and facts, are extremely vague.

“Eighty percent of the women coming in … ” he says, trailing off. “You have to take a look at these stories. … It’s unbelievable when you look at what’s going on. All I’m doing is telling the truth,” Trump stated in an article by Fusion in 2014.


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