Mike Huckabee: Obama's shooting comments 'ignorantly inflammatory'

Mike Huckabee: Obama’s shooting comments ‘ignorantly inflammatory’

While an angry President Barack Obama spoke Thursday night after a gunman opened fire in Oregon and killed nine people, he already knew his critics would come after him for politicizing the issue of gun violence.

Hours later, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stepped up to the plate.

In a statement on Facebook, Huckabee blasted Obama for trying to “destroy the Second Amendment” with comments that were “ignorantly inflammatory.”

From Obama’s speech:

“This is a political choice we make, to allow this to happen every few months in America,” Obama said. “We collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction.”

Obama also said that to stop repeated gun violence, it “will require a change in politics on this issue.”

He also urged voters to make sure their elected officials reflect their views on the issue.

Huckabee’s response:

Huckabee wasn’t the least bit impressed with the speech, saying “Obama can shamelessly try and exploit any tragedy he wants, but it’s clear that gun free zones are sitting duck zones.”

Read his full statement below:

“We hardly know any of the details about this horrific tragedy. What kind of gun was used? How did the shooter obtain it? What is the motive? Does the shooter have a history of mental illness? Was this an act of terror? With few facts, Obama is quick to admittedly politicize this tragedy to advance his liberal, anti-gun agenda. For this president to make a political pronouncement is at best premature and at worst ignorantly inflammatory.

“Obama can shamelessly try and exploit any tragedy he wants, but it’s clear that gun free zones are sitting duck zones.

“His passion is grossly misplaced into destroying the Second Amendment. There were 50 shootings in Chicago the past two weekends, and this administration failed to utter a word. Gun violence is a problem in this country, but it’s not the fault of the Second Amendment. It’s the fault of evil people doing evil things.”

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