Rick Brattin: Missouri State Representative Proposes Bill to Take Scholarships From Athletes on Strike

Missouri Lawmaker Rick Brattin to Introduce Bill to Strip Scholarship if Athlete Refuses to Play

A Missouri lawmaker Rick Brattin  will introduce a bill that would revoke the scholarship of any athlete at a state university if he or she refuses to compete for a reason unrelated to health.

Rep. Rick Brattin pre-filed House Bill 1743 on Friday, just more than a month after African-American football players at the University of Missouri led a team strike from football-related activities amid a campuswide call for university system president Tim Wolfe to step down because of his handling of several racist acts on campus.

Brattin proposes that should the bill be turned into law, that it would be effective Aug. 26, 2016, just over a week before Missouri takes the field against West Virginia.

No hearing on the bill or vote on it is scheduled, nor has text of the bill been made available on the State of Missouri’s government website.

Scholarships at most NCAA universities, including those in Missouri, are good for one scholastic year and can be revoked without cause by athletics departments.

Brattin, who has fellow Republican Kurt Bahr listed as a co-sponsor on the bill, represents District 55, serving Cass County, located south of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

In the past, Brattin has sponsored legislation requiring anti-evolution science classes and a controversial bill that would require notarized consent from the father of an unborn child for a woman to obtain an abortion.

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