National Rugby League Star Cut From 49ers

The experiment didn’t last long.

Jarryd Hayne, a National Rugby League star from Australia, fought his way onto an NFL active roster. About half way into the season, however, the only team willing to take a chance on him has decided to cut him altogether. The 49ers had a special teams diamond in the rough with Hayne making spectacular plays in the preseason. But as a true running back he couldn’t provide the movement needed to follow defenders or get to created holes. In the six games he was featured in Hayne managed a meager eight carries for 25 yards. He also fumbled the ball three times, losing one of those to the opposition. The 49ers promoted running back Kendall Gaskins from the practice squad to fill the gap.

Jarryd Hayne has the ability to become a successful NFL player. His main downfall was his inability to learn the fundamentals in a short period of time. Soccer players have converted into competent place kickers, but as a rugby player the only similarity with football is the contact. Given time to learn the game of football from the ground up (perhaps on another team’s practice squad) Jarryd Hayne has the potential to become great. With his natural ability it won’t be long until we see that happen.


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