Nepal will remain a secular nation, Hinduism proposal not accepted

Nepal is a nation with a majority of Hindus. Efforts to have the nation recognized as a Hindu nation  went awry when the proposal to turn it back into a a Hindu-nation was not accepted, keeping it a secular nation.  This caused violent uproar in the nation amidst the denial of this. The nation was turned into a nonreligious state in 2008. The two-thirds of votes that were required to accept the proposal were not decided on.


The people of the nation do not believe they have religious freedom with the country labeled as “secular.” In this country, a reported 2,500 Hinduism-supporting people carrying yellowish colored flags marched while chanting slogans and even got in encounters with Nepal police, who attempted to stop the march before it would reach the parliament building.


This provokes thought and raises questions. It challenges the definition of secular and of religious. Hinduism is the national religion of India, which also has high populations of Muslims and Christians, which is not to exclude people of other religions of course.


Known as the Federal Republic of Nepal, it is the 41st most populous country. It is 80 percent Hindu and 10 percent. Its legislature is the constituent assembly, which is what denied the proposal to recognize the nation as a Hindu nation. When the monarchy was abolished in 2008, as aforementioned, the country then converted itself into the recognition of it as a secular country.


Since the country did not receive the near 10 percent of votes required, it will remain a secular country.


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