New Bill Puts Restrictions On Men Who Want Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Kentucky state legislator drafted a new bill that would make it far more difficult for men to get prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction. The proposed process would require them to have to make two doctors visits, where they would have to promise only to use the pills before they have sex with their spouse. Imagine the horror of this! Imagine the no good government sticking their noses into your own private business. Even worse, it’s your sex life, your reproductive health, your own rights violated by someone else’s personal religious beliefs… Oh! This lady is being a dick! On purpose! To make a point! Okay, so who exactly is this legislative law makin’ female badass?

Well, she is Mary Lou Marzian a democratic legistator and a retired nurse. She introduced the bill on the grounds of “protecting men’s health”. “I want to protect these men from themselves,” she said Marzian to her political adversaries. However Marzian told The Huffington Post that her plan is really just a “tongue-in-cheek way of pointing out how anti-abortion advocates want to involve the government in people’s bedrooms. [Her] legislation shows government needn’t be involved in personal choices, be about abortion, erectile dysfunction or blood transfusions for Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

Marzian pointed out that these types of anti-choice laws are proposed for women so commonly that six of them have been introduced this year alone and we’re only two months in. A similar proposed bill for women states  that a woman muc make a visit to a doctor before getting an abortion.

Marzian is just an enlightened and fair legislator who happens to be residing in the backwards and religiously awash state of Kentucky. But she’s not letting the oposition stop her. Her proposed bill, she says, directly inserts the government into the personal choices of men “since we have already inserted it into our personal, private decisions of women.” If you aren’t hearing a collective “Oooh!” and chanting “World star!” in your head right now, you’re probably from Kentucky.

“We are very ‘family values’ in the Kentucky General Assembly,” says Marzian, “That’s why I put that part in there that (erectile pills) can only be used in a marital relationship.”

Marzian says that although she is sure the bill is unlikely to pass she hopes to get a hearing for it anyway. Fingers crossed the men who hear about it will do some critical reading between the lines. Because the men in congress who are constantly trying keep women from making their own personal decisions are really holding down progress, and it’s about time they get it up.

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