New Netflix Series ‘Stranger Things’ Is A Streaming Hit!

New Netflix Series ‘Stranger Things’ Is A Streaming Hit!

Netflix’s latest original series Stranger Things is now their most popular too, following an incredibly successful launch period. Stranger Things is the TV series that absolutely everybody is talking about right now.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the series has surpassed Netflix’s other big hitters; Daredevil and Making a Murderer. Both of which received incredible success during their first 16 days of streaming, however, Netflix has once again managed to quash their own record with Stranger Things.

According to Digital Spy, 8.2 million people streamed Stranger Things within its first 16 days of release, meaning it managed to pick up more viewers than Daredevil, Jessica Jones, House of Cards and Narcos did in their first 16 days. All of which are well known as some of Netflix’s most popular shows.

In fact, only two series on the streaming service managed to pick up more viewers within their first 16 days; the first season of Fuller House and Orange Is the New Black Season 4, both of which are already well-grounded names in the world of television. Stranger Things‘ viewing figures are likely something to do with the social phenomenon it’s become over the past few weeks, with fans of the show using the internet to bring a consistent stream of viewers to Netflix in order to watch their new series.

The cult show of the summer, Stranger Things is set in a small American town in 1983, with a gripping plot following the mysterious disappearance of a local boy. However, according to Business Insider, where the series has picked up the most acclaim is in its 80s pop culture references. The supernatural sci-fi thriller draws heavily from influences of the era in which its set, creating something of a nostalgia trip that has widely contributed towards the series’ success.

In fact, Stranger Things has managed to garner an unprecedented 94% Rotten Tomatoes critic rating, with a further 96% audience rating. Speculation is now pointing towards Stranger Things Season 2, which has been all but confirmed by cast and producers behind the first season of the hit Netflix show.

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