New Photos Suggest Greg Hardy Allegedly Phisically Assaulted Ex-Girlfriend

New Photos Suggest Greg Hardy Allegedly Physically Assaulted Ex-Girlfriend

New details regarding the assault case against Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy have emerged in  an investigative report by Deadspin .

The website was able to obtain hundreds of pages of records, such as police reports, interview transcripts and pictures that were previously unseen. The records include information already public, but there is a lot to take away from the report.

Nicole Holder, the accuser, gave a police interview on the night of the incident, May 13, 2014. During the interview she said the night was going along fine until Hardy starting “bringing up some stuff that had happened in our past.” She says he called her slut and things became “very escalated.”

“I tried to get up, he pushed me … then I start fighting back, he threw me into the bathroom, I hit the back of the shower wall and fell into the bathtub where he pulled me out … dragged me into the bedroom, picked me up again, threw me down on his futon that had guns sitting on it so I landed on the guns, which is why my back looks the way that it does … and then I fell from there onto the floor where he stood above me and strangled with two hands.”

She then says Hardy told her he “should kill” her, and she told him go ahead. She said Hardy “looked insane” when he was choking her and added, “his pupils were tiny, I mean he looked … crazy.

“He looked so crazy. His face, it was just blank,” she said. “I mean I’ve never seen him look at me like that … never.” 

The report  includes more details about what happened that night and the nature of Hardy and Holder’s relationship. The dozens of photos obtained show that Holder appeared to suffer severe bruising that night, especially to her back and arms.

Hardy was found guilty by a judge of assaulting a female and communicating threats. However, during his appeal, Holder failed to show up to testify, and the prosecutor’s office dropped the charges. The office also said they had “reliable information” that the two sides reached a civil settlement, although no details were provided on the settlement. On Thursday, Hardy’s charges were expunged .

Hardy was a member of the Panthers at the time of the assault. He initially was suspended 10 games, but that was reduced to four. He was signed by the Cowboys in the offseason and has three sacks in his first three games after serving the suspension.

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