New Simpsons Episode To Air Live #HomerLive

The future is now. Since the future often has a habit of being predicted by past episodes of The SImpsons, let’s celebrate the future watching a new “Simpsons” episode with a major technology advancement. In a future episode of The Simpsons scheduled to air in May Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson will be answering questions from fans live.

The new episode will be filmed and air as normal, only Homer’s lines will be delivered live using motion capture that will snyc the facial expressions and infamous voice of Castellaneta to Simpson. Castellaneta will be improvising material that will be spontaneous and as current as he can get his references to be. There is a planned three minute long segment of the new episode that will allow Homer to interact live with fans.

One of the show’s producers revealed the process earlier to CNNMoney, saying: “Dan Castellaneta will be in the studio and not only what he says will go out live, but the motions he makes will be incorporated in what Homer does on screen.”

The iconic cartoon which is inching closer and closer to thirty years on the air, will be rejuvenated in a way that is sure to keep it with the times, as the show is known so well for doing. And by using social media to connect with fans surely brings the show from ‘89 to now. Taking clue from interactive television shows like @Midnight With Chris Hardwick, and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the format will be engaging and inclusive to all tracking the #HomerLive tags.

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