A New Way To Vay-cay If You’re Nast-ay

In case you already weren’t concerned enough about the bodily fluid content of your pillows at AirBnB stays before… say no more! Should you be looking for a low cost place to explore any deep seated sexual kinks or even fully entertain the ones you already know damn well you have there is a new and easy way to do so.

KinkBnB is the latest company specializing in providing sex dungeons and locations designed to tickle anyone’s carnal delights. While sounding just like a traveling Burning Man, it’s surprisingly liberating missions statement claims to have hopes of “[connecting] people in queer and sex positive communities for finding spaces that fit their lifestyles and needs in unfamiliar locations” according to an interview with Huffington Post.

“We want help people explore themselves… It is not always easy to find where to go in a new city. But if you stay with someone already in the community, you have a host and guide… We strongly feel people need the room to explore themselves. Being able easily to rent a dungeon, a space designed for sexual play should be available to anyone who wants to. We want to make it a safe transaction. People should be able to travel, find accommodations without having to hide a part of themselves. I am one of the founders of San Francisco’s Wicked Grounds, Kink Cafe and Boutique, and we are dedicated to providing a place where people can be sexually social. There are few places in our society where one can publicly talk about their intimate selves. Kinkbnb is an extention of this belief.”

Kink B n B aims for a complete unique sexual experience. Forget screwing in a Double Tree when you can aim to get double teamed by your spouse and the bell hop. And their room service is unlike any other. In that, instead of bringing you food to eat, they bring food to feed the gimp they keep under every bed. It’s their own full-scale turn down service like you never experienced before.

So if you and your special someone are looking for a place to rekindle a fire or start a new fire burning between your legs so passionately that you need to fill a prescription… surely you can find so and the all new KinkBnB. Where your sexual explority is their priority!

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