New York Fashion Week 2015

The semi-annual New York Fashion Week, held in February and September of each year, is back. Founded by Eleanor Lambert in 1943, this event showcase aspirants of fashion and is a mainstay of designers and fashion aficionados. It takes places two times yearly in New York City of New York. It originates from New York City; however, this year, it will take place in Soho. It will be for Spring/ Summer 2016 and will take place for a week from Thursday, September 10th and go into September 17th. This is a notable year, especially because a model with Down Syndrome has walked the catwalk this year. Namely, it was actress and model Jamie Brewer who modeled for designer Carrie Hammer.

Accoridng to the New York Times, six new designers will showcase their talent here this year. They are Area, which consists of its designers Becket Fogg and Piotrek Pansczcyk; Shan Huq, which consists of 20-year-old  Shan Huq; Phelan, consisting of Amanda Phelan; Moses Guantlet Cheng, which consist of three young people, Daivd Moses, Esther Gauntlet, and Jenny Cheng; Matthew Adams Dolan, which constists of 28-year-old Matthew Dolan; and finally, Laurence and Chico, which is comprised of two talented people, namely, Laurence Li and Chico Wang. You can read more about these designers at The New York Times website.

What is awesome is that, not only is Fashion Week being used in order for designers to promote themselves and for fashion to be exhibited in spectacular ways, but awareness for diversity and awareness for certain causes is also beign raised! As fashion will celebrate these ideals of humanity, and once again, diversity, it will raise awareness for human trafficking, which targets children and females cheifly, as well. According to Today Style, the FBI partnered with Freedom Ladder to create a comic book that identifies the dangers of human trafficking and promotes its awareness. Money raised will benefit this effort.

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