New Zealand Prime Minister John Key at a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott at Government House, Auckland, New Zealand, Saturday, February 28, 2015. (AAP IMAGE/SNPA, Ross Setford) NO ARCHIVING

New Zealand PM Makes More Inappropriate Jokes on The Radio

New Zealand, AKA Australia’s Canada, is home to a leader that is so off putting and straightforward that his entire nation is fully aware of his personal “down stairs trimming” situation. Prime Minister John Key has never been one to bite his tongue when asked about sending X rated photographs, or hold his hand back when he has the urge to pull on a woman’s ponytail. He has made many memorable media appearances, including one where he answered yes or no to a series of riveting and personal questions putting him in a bit of heat.

He is in hot waters now again, thanks to the (as we are slowly beginning to realize) no-holes-barred New Zealand radio programs. His latest stunt has been massively criticized throughout social media. He participating with the hosts as they appeared to make light of prison rape.

Prime Minister Key apparently agree to get inside an actual cage in the studio. But now in addition to the many disturbing facts that the PM has openly spoken on, like how he pees in the shower, we no know that he willingly gets into cages with zero explanation when asked. And if that’s not somewhat inappropriate political behavior (unless you’re of course the pig-porking PM of England, where at best it’s foreplay) then what happened next will really be surprising. 

Host Tom Furniss dropped a bar of soap and asked Key to pick it up to which Key complied and prompted Furniss to tell him, “You’ve got a pretty little mouth, Prime Minister.” In reference to the film “Deliverance,” in which a man is raped by two other men. 

It seems as though every leader in New Zealand (all of which, at this point, would probably make a more appropriate leader than Key himself) has displayed their complete disdain for their PM. Deborah Russell, a Massey University lecturer commented, “This makes me feel ill. When the PM thinks it’s okay to participate in rape jokes, how can women feel safe?” and, “The PM playing along with rape jokes makes it very clear how little regard he has for changing the law around sexual violence.” Political commentator Matthew Hooton called the display, “a complete disgrace.” Auckland psychotherapist Kyle MacDonald started an online petition to have Key removed from office. The petition has already over 3,000 signatures. MacDonald said in the petition, “His ‘prison rape’ joke on radio yesterday was the last straw.”

Key has yet to speak on this incident or its aftermath. 


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