Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato Touring Together

I am not the most keen fan of mainstream pop music, but two former Disney starts have really caught my eyes (and ears) lately. Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato have both been releasing music lately that lift my spirits when I am down, and that is why I have grown very fond of the two and their music, not that I didn’t like them when they were on Disney.

Nick Jonas is definitely a rising star. He has been wowing with his heartthrob status, releasing songs that simply sound awesome. His song that I first heard from his album, “Nick Jonas,” the song called “Chains,” has a sensual feel, which is personally what I find, and I like how it opens. His other song that has caught my eye through radio play, in fact ample amounts of radio play, is his hit song “Jealous.” I love its catchy chorus and this one definitely had me sold upon first listening to it. Demi Lovato’s song, “Cool for the Summer” is definitely a catchy and upbeat tune that lifts my spirits when I need a little bit of that.

Anyway, the reason I talked about these two is because they are touring together. The heartthrob and beauty both are going together for first time. They starred in “Camp Rock” together and Demi starred in “Sonny with a Chance”, as Sonny, where Nick starred in “Jonas” as himself alongside his brothers and Chelsea Kane. Having so much to contribute in pop music as well as getting along really easily, I am sure the two will have a fun and successful tour. The two, accordinf to Kim Brando at, have even released a record label earlier, called “Safehouse Records.” The tour is called the “Future Now” tour, and you can visit for more.

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