Nickelodeon Reveals Upcoming “The Splat” Block

The Good Burger skit last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was only just the beginning.

On Thursday, Nickelodeon announced details about The Splat, an all-90’s block of programming featuring all the shows 90’s kids still love to this day. Arriving October 5th on TeenNick and on the internet on live.  Nickelodeon describes this block as a “multiscreen content destination…aggregating the most beloved Nick content from the 1990s and beyond”. So shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple, CatDog, and Rocko’s Modern Life might finally arrive in Syndication Heaven for the 90’s generation to get a second glimpse of childhood.rs_560x411-150923170741-1024-the-splat

Viewers will be able to weigh in on what programming they want to see on the channel. The programming block also plans on reviving 90’s commercials, vintage Nicktoons, have theme weeks, such as a Nick or Treat week for Halloween. The Splat also plans on bringing back 90’s Nick personalities. (So maybe Kel Mitchell will have a job again). Yet that is just a mere glimpse of all the features The Splat plans to offer.

The first running of The Splat will air Monday, October 5th, 10 P.M.-6 A.M. EST. on TeenNick, and on

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