Farrah V.S. Her Mom V.S. Nicki V.S. A Six Year Old’s Snapchat!

To recap the glorious spat between Grammy nominated Nicki Minaj and Back-Door Teen Mom: 

  1. Nicki was watching Teen Mom OG (A title that should have never made it passed the drawing board) she thought what everyone watching thought when they say Farrah Abraham: 233
  2. To which Farrah’s reply fell short when she flubbed her grammar, a rule on the internet that people take VERY serious:ding

And now we are at stage three in this feud, and this time… It’s getting personal!

Farrah tried to defend her actions toward her mom, basically saying that she can treat her mom however she likes. Since her mother doesn’t take care of Farrah’s daughter, Farrah takes care of her mother. All right, so who can settle this once and for all?

Well who better to settle this beef than the very being that gave Farrah her fame to begin with. No, not her body (that came after). No not her talent, drive, hustle, and hard work (That’s what Nicki has). It’s her very own daughter Sophia!

For whatever inexplicable reason that is probably linked to bad parenting, Farrah’s six year old daughter has her own Twitter account. She used her powerful six year old social media skills to defend her part-time-porn-star mother. Sophia posted a video that read, “Nicki Minaj Don’t say bad WORDS, I don’t,” off of Snapchat.

In the video Sophia boldly calls Nicki a “total loser” at which Trump’s campaign immediately hired Sophia as Donald Trumps official speech writer, political advisor, and future ex-wife!


Farrah’s mother urged the need for her and her daughter to “not be ghetto” and inform Nicki that Farrah is not a c—t to her. In response, Farrah acted like a total c—t to her.




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