Nicki Minaj Burns Miley, Kylie & Drake In New Flawless Remix

Thank Drake Nicki is back! Although maybe we shouldn’t rush to bless the 6God just yet, as he may just be one of the few victims of Nicki’s intense fire. Drake and Kylie Jenner are among those walking away from the Queen with at least second degree burns.

Drake’s lashing came to him from Nicki in her remix of “Down In The DM” by Yo Gotti released on Thursday, when the internet collectively dropped it low, to the floor, and praised Rap God (Yeezus? Maybe.)

The lyrics symbolically are stacks of money being flipped through by pink acrylic nails. The lyrics specifically are: “Fuck you mean? Fuck your little memes / Even Queen Bey had to tell ’em I’m the queen.”

If you’ve happened to miss the laser beam of light that shines off of Nicki’s mountainous diamond ring she wears, gifted to her by Meek Mill… You may not know that Nicki has quite a strong romantic connection to rapper Meek Mill (reason why she hasn’t f—ked Wayne, and she hasn’t f—ked Drake, all her life, man, for godssake). Meek and Drake faced off in a series of dis track wars and meme battles. Drake won both wars when he rapped his diss track in front of a larger than life TV screen playing a full-on slide show of Meek memes.

The lyrics burning Kylie are symbolically freshly glossed lips kissing a freshly manicured middle finger. The lyrics specifically are: “Then he put his hands in my pants / Felt them thick lips and got wood / He said, ‘Kylie, wuss good?’ / I said, ‘Miley, wuss good?'”

In this verse Nicki has gracefully landed a Rapper’s Uppercut: A slam so intense that it not only knocks the opponent out, but you also get a good glimpse of the artist flexin’. Because this diss is so incredible, it strikes your core at a historical level. Kylie has been one of the many white stars accused of cultural appropriation of black culture. One reason is her dark bronzed face makeup bordering on black face. Another, is her recent lip injections to resemble the natural shape and fullness of those with African genetics. So Nicki’s diss right here is so good, because she is using her own African female genitalia to mock Kylie for wanting to obtain that exact African genetic. Plus at the same time, she reminds all listening that she famously crushed the other star most famously paired with black cultural appropriation for pulling the same kind of white nonsense that Kylie pulls. Oh my god, I’m nearly dizzy. What a knockout!

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