Nightmare on Elm Street? Coffin Found Buried in Mission, Texas Home's Backyard

Nightmare on Elm Street? Coffin Found Buried in Mission, Texas Home’s Backyard

“Pet Sematary” in real life? Sounds like a nightmare on Elm Street. reports a woman in Mission, Texas, learned a coffin were buried under her home’s property during construction project in the backyard. Deedee Oliveira, who lives on Elm Street in the town near the Mexico border, told KGBT-TV she had just recently moved in when the renovation took a scary turn.

“I’m like, ‘A coffin? What do you mean a coffin?'” she told the CBS affiliate. “It’s just a crazy story because it’s almost Halloween.”

One construction worker said he saw bones, and police were called to investigate — sparking a slew of fears for Oliveira. One popular horror movie that frequently gets mentioned every October is “Poltergeist,” where ghosts haunt a house built on ancient burial ground.

But detectives and a special crimes unit discovered the large, 4-foot coffin actually contained the remains of a dog laid to rest by the previous homeowners about 30 years ago. The New York Daily News reports there were also photos of the cocker spaniel, stuffed pink bears and little booties inside the coffin.

“My new neighbor told me that the people that used to live here had a funeral for a pet, but it was for a cocker spaniel and those are pretty small dogs. We were like wait, a dog can’t possibly be in that large coffin,” Oliveira told KGBT. “Thank God it was a dog and not human remains, if not I think I would’ve gone crazy.”

A second coffin — or more accurately, a toolbox — was also found buried nearby that contained the previous family’s dead cat.

It still could have been just as creepy as a Freddy Krueger movie, though. In Stephen King’s horror novel “Pet Sematary,” which was adapted into a 1989 film, animals were buried in a misspelled cemetery that brought them back to life.

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