Nola, White Rhino Dies in San Diego

We all know what an endangered species is, and some of us are particularly adamant that these need to be preserved. The endangered species in this case is the white rhino, which has died in the San Diego Zoo. A 41-year-old old Rhino at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park was euthanized in Escondido, CA, when her health kept on deteriorating, according to the Associated Press at San Fransisco  (SF) Gate. According to KGTV in San Diego, CA, her name was Nola.

It was also reported in the SF Gate that she is believed to have been one of the last four white rhinos believed to exist. According to ABC News, the animal herself was ailed with sickness in her hip and arthritis as well. Also according to ABC News, the other white rhinos are being kept in Kenya under sheer protection from poachers who will seek to kill these creatures in order to take their horns. According to Liam Stack at the New York Times, the other three remaining white rhinos are kept in namely the Ol Pejeta Conservatory in Kenya, where they roam freely under their 24-hour protection. The rhino died yesterday, Sunday, 22 November 2015.

According to Liam Stack’s article, the park itself commented in a Facebook post, saying that it is a devastating loss and the rhinoceros’ keeper, Jane Kennedy, who said Nola was a symbol. Symbolizing extinction, the rhinoceros is said to be very important to the collection in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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