Norfolk, England Police Release Shocking Video of Attempted Murder Hit-and-Run

Norfolk, England Police Release Shocking Video of Attempted Murder Hit-and-Run

Police in Norfolk, England have released shocking footage of a hit-and-run that they are treating as an attempted murder.

The July 23 incident was caught on camera and the footage shows a car, which police believe is a blue Peugeot 307, barrel towards a group of men walking through a parking lot.

The car hits a 30-year-old man, sending him 4.5 metres through the air.

The driver turns back around and makes a second attempt but just misses the man on the ground, who manages to roll away despite suffering a broken pelvis and leg injuries.

“The footage we have released today is shocking and I appreciate some people could find it distressing. However it reflects the seriousness of the incident and how it could have had potentially fatal consequences for the victim,” said Detective Chief Inspector Stu Armes in a press release.

“Whilst the motivation for the incident remains unclear, we are treating it as attempted murder and at this time we believe it is an isolated incident.”

Police are appealing to the public in hopes of identifying the driver and passengers in the car.

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