Nowhere To Go: Possible Safe-Zone for Syrian Refugees

Nowhere To Go: Possible Safe-Zone for Syrian Refugees

The Turkish government has planned to implement safe zones in Syria amid Syrian conflict. The said plan is to be created between Afrin and Kobane cantons. The call for safe zones was to be United-Relations enforced, according to Al Jazeera. The halt to create safe zones in Syria is due to conflict between the US and Turkey, as the US primarily is focusing on the concern over defeating ISIS; whereas, Turkey is concentrating on defeating the al-Assad regime.

Additionally, Turkey wants the safe zone to be a no-fly zone which is heavily opposed by the US. The US has also denied the prospect of the safe zone as it will end up involving a much bigger military commitment by the US-led coalition than simply providing air cover, reported by Financial Times.

While bombs continue to destroy what is left of Aleppo and kill thousands of women, children, and men; US President Donald Trump arises a different strategy to deal with the Syrian Crisis.

According to Al Jazeera, he suggested to “take a big swatch of land” for “the right price” and build “a big beautiful safe zone” that will make Syrian refugees “happier”.

Trump’s plans establish a rejection of allowing Syrian refugees into the US or Europe. In other words, the simple idea of helping innocent Syrian refugees is devoured by the extremely low possibility of them being “foreign terrorists”.

Syrian refugees living in camps and tents in northern Jordan. ©JTA
Syrian refugees living in camps and tents in northern Jordan. ©JTA

The Pentagon projected that it will take between 15,000 and 30,000 US troops to secure a safe zone in Syria with a cost of at least $1bn a month, reported by Al Jazeera.

As Syrian refugees are trapped in a war zone, the Trump administration will focus on its own role in the Middle East. As his campaign promise is fulfilled, the Trump administration will not disregard its role in defeating ISIS. Therefore, the Syrian conflict is put to a halt as disputes continue to exist between the differences in policies of Turkey and the US.

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