Obama Addresses Crowd at Democratic National Convention

President Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night to deliver a speech showing support for Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential nominee of a major political party in the US.

He took the opportunity to specifically address those still reluctant to cast their vote for Clinton. He attempted to appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters still bitter after Sanders’ withdrawal from a lengthy and intense primary season.

“She’s been there for us, even if we haven’t always noticed, and if you’re serious about our democracy, you can’t afford to stay home just because she might not align with you on every issue. You’ve got to get in the arena with her, because democracy isn’t a spectator sport.”

He also painted an optimistic picture of the state of the nation in an effort to persuade voters that a continued Democratic presidency is the way forward.

“The America I know is full of courage, and optimism, and ingenuity,” Obama said. “The America I know is decent and generous. Sure, we have real anxieties, about paying the bills, protecting our kids, caring for a sick parent. We get frustrated with political gridlock, worry about racial divisions; are shocked and saddened by the madness of Orlando or Nice. But as I’ve traveled this country, through all fifty states; as I’ve rejoiced with you and mourned with you, what I’ve also seen, more than anything, is what is right with America.”

“Anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues, will always fail in the end.”

In addition, he took a jab at Donald Trump and the RNC.

“It wasn’t particularly Republican and it sure wasn’t conservative,” he said of last week’s Republican convention. “There were no serious solutions to pressing problems. Just the fanning of resentments and blame and hate and anger.”

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